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Third Eye Group

We are a group of strength, one that came together out of passion for helping, rather than desire and greed. Our past guides and visionaries created a group that is based on knowledge and applying it in caring for others. They instilled the visions with us and a passion to bring light, hope, and happiness to all. We carry this goal to this very day. Creating Amulets and Talismans within modern jewelry, infusing the power within them for today’s natural lives. We are a group that is diverse in skill and power, we together cover all aspects of the Metaphysical. Our belief in Bringing the power through this new technology of online communities will bring our path and craft into the new world.

Our Current Group Consists of Such Notables


Master (Methias) Chinoa 

A leader and teacher. Full of intellect and bows to no one. Full of life and holds the power of the spirits within his grasp. A "Shaman" of the past; Methias was born, left alone, and was delivered to Lisa Gula at a young age. She raised him as her own and continues to this day.  Swift in his knowledge and can do much with animals. Find him and friend him on his FaceBook page below:

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Miss Linda Anatolia 

One of the many spell casters within the coven and a fierce spell caster that has capabilities to alter energy, time, and climate within the room to a high degree. Her passion is strong and she grew up together as a younger sister to Lisa Gula under the tutelage of the great Angelica Gula. Growing up in one of the original areas of the Oracle; Dodona, Epirus, Linda honed her skills and trained for years. She can dwell in darkness and in light, and has the power to alter. Find Linda and friend her on her facebook below:

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Lady Antoinette

A psychic whose intuition has evolved over the years. She has taken the role of this modern world and has been helping those in need for ages.  She is the strongest spiritual advisor that we have on the team. She can talk hope and happiness into anybody. Find her and talk to Lady Antoinette below:


Mrs. Har'jawan

"Hariklia" was raised in the same village as Angelica and was an older sister to Lisa Gula. She is a true "believer" and follows the path of the west. Her specialty is conjuring Djinn and her communication skills are unseen in this day and age. Her time is limited and her items rare.



An Eastern Philospohy "Conjurer" of the past. He can conjure and bond with any spirit known to man. Watchers, gargoyles, fae, and dragons. All is attracted to this man and his secrets shall remain his forever.


Irena Gula

Niece and caretaker of Lisa Gula. The "future" as we like to call her. A healer and spell caster of the modern world. She is under strict training. Her grasp is fast and her eyes is strong. She will be what we seek one day.


Lisa Gula

Trained under the watchful eye of Angelica Gula. A direct descendant also of the family bloodline. A healer, nurturer, practitioner of purity and powerful white spell caster. Her eyes forgive, her energy, caresses, and her touch heals. As she ages we wonder if it is Angelica we speak to. She has become our spiritual leader, teacher and high priestess. Most call her Mrs. Gula as was her great grandmother called, we simply like to call her Mother. Find Mrs. Gula and friend here on her facebook page:

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Angelica Gula

Our spiritual leader of the past. Her memory will never be forgotten. Many items of her collection remain today and are offered exclusively here at the coven. Many have been transferred to other pieces, but the energy remains. A beauty to behold, and her energy mesmerized till her final breath. Pure beauty that has taken the soul and energized Lisa Gula. May you be blessed for an eternity our angel.


Necromancer of NYC

Not much needs to be said about this fellow. He is full of dark energy, and has passion liuke no other. Necro is in charge of all the Dark Arts. Those that dip into his river know of the power and energy his items have. He has a loyal and large following. He can be charismatic and captivating. If you appreciate dark arts, you have found the right person within the craft to work with.

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