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Haunted Shapeshifter ring.......... Mrs Gula & Third Eye Coven

Mrs. Gula's Shapeshifter Ring!

I must warn all potential bidders. This vintage collection that I have started to put on is EXTREMELY powerful. You must proceed with extreme caution. I am not to be held responsible for anything paranormal that may happen.

Looking for the true owner of this old gypsy witch spirit possessed ring. This ring will attract shape shifters to you. Very mystical ring. It is quit haunting and I can barely hold it in my hands. It was given to me a while back and has been a wild relationship ever since. I don't think its supposed to be worn on finger as it should be carried with you as an amulet. One of the most powerful rings in the collection. Many uses from what I read here from the notes. Gypsy spirit can bring love, wealth, happiness, sex, good luck, health, anything and everything.This specific ring is cast with a shape shifter attraction spell. I warn anybody who wins this ring. Mrs. Gula has left extreme warnings with this ring. If extreme measures are used with ring the power will fade or the ring will crack. Please don't abuse the power and you become to strong. This ring can create extreme night visions. Please be aware of this when trying to sleep with this ring. Extremely powerful for many reasons. After winner of auction is concluded winner may email me to discuss the power of the ring. I will try in many ways to help you control it. This is not a joke! Please proceed with caution. If you are the true owner you can wear it on your finger, necklace or even just carry in your pocket! I have to let it go. I would use extreme caution though.  Another question that keeps arising is people asking me for more haunted items. I am not a full service shop like some others here. I am not selling false hopes. I only auction what I have, I only list some at a time when I feel it is a right time. Reveal yourself, disguise yourself, free yourself.

Ring size is: 9 1/2


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